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10/27/09 11:51 AM #6    

Rose Mary George

Sorry it has taken me so long to get to this!! We had a great time. It was FANTASTIC!!!!!! both night's. It was so good to see everyone again. Hope in the next 5 years we can get others to join us. Thank you all who put this together{so many to list}you all did a FANTASTIC!!!!job. Rose Mary [Davis]George

11/25/09 10:21 AM #7    

Patricia Ann Shane (Severe)

Hello! I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy:O) XOXO

12/22/09 10:25 AM #8    


Rebecca (Becki) Anne Jones (Shirey)

Hi Everyone!!

Craig and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Healthy New Year! We are both looking forward to the holidays with our family and our 5 year old granddaughter!! Enjoy your holiday and keep us posted on our website. Talk to you all in the New Year!
Becki and Craig Shirey

12/30/09 06:41 PM #9    

Patricia Ann Shane (Severe)

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy New Year!

01/01/10 02:10 PM #10    

Lester Wayne Poore

I've been enjoying retirement for 5 weeks now, having escaped the Postal Service with a "functional" degree of sanity left. Got real busy trying to condense many hours of video from the two-nighter class reunion. I'd like to make them available to all, in particular any that missed either evening. (Hey Becky, is this sort of thing permitted here? Also, still have my T-shirts )

Shout out to David Lurty ! I'm also digging into 100's of digital picture files and finally printing and framing my faves from over the years. Hope to carry it on into more 100's that were printed from film, but sitting in bags and boxes, wasting away. I was very much interested in photography in H.S., inspired by David's works in this area. Money, and perhaps "dabbling" in music led me astray! Ha.

Got thru the holidays fairly well, being alone-or single guy- for first time in at least 23 yrs. Leaned heavily on new "DPPBFF", and former classmate that I doubt spoke more than few dozen words to, grades 1-12. Primarily email and texting, she's tolerated my whining and utter nonsensical style of putting words together, far beyond
the average human expectations! (she'll deny that I'm a bother. She's just nice that way.)

We've become "virtual" friends, I guess you'd say, sans almost all the elements that term may imply (or is it me out Craig, or Beth, of you smartypants! ha.)
So, I'm saying no video, sound, touch, or smells!!! Lest,er.....I further indict myself, I'll leave it to her to OUT herself. How's that. And the genious that figures out the "DPP" part wins a free framed picture of my cat "Muffy", who used to weigh in at 23 lbs.!!!, but no longer, as she has gone on to greener litter boxes.

I'm done......about 297 words beyond making any sense.
Happy New Year to ALL !
Wayne (the Pain , Les, Keys, Narty Krashpoop )

01/01/10 03:12 PM #11    

Sylvia Lee King (Anglen)

OMG! I'm a "closet" DPPBFF! Can I come OUT now?

01/01/10 03:18 PM #12    

Lester Wayne Poore

Seems like we're among the few payin' attention at the ol' class website right now. You cant win the prize !!
Dont give it away!

01/01/10 04:58 PM #13    

Rose Mary George

First I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!!!!!!! I can't wait till we can all get together again!! And for the secret this ought to keep us guessing for a while. I hope we can get together sometime in the summer. { a cookout or something}

01/02/10 10:17 AM #14    


Rebecca (Becki) Anne Jones (Shirey)

Hi Everyone!
Great to see a lot of people posting on the message forum and message center!! Let's keep it up. John and Wayne, you guys let me know when this two night reunion video is available for viewing:) I can't wait to see it. Meanwhile I will check the website to see if there is a place for video besides You-tube that you can put on the website. Of course, I am a fan of You-tube too!!! It is still mind boggling to think of the great and extraordinary two nite reunion we had and how we all reconnected so easily. It still feels like a dream that you didn't want to end. Johnny you said it just right in your message post. We have set a high standard for others to live up to, no doubt about that. You guys, and Sam made it happen for our class, and of course, the non singing class members put the rest together as an unforgetable two nite event we will all remember for the rest of our lives!!!!!

01/03/10 08:15 AM #15    


Rebecca (Becki) Anne Jones (Shirey)

This is a message to Rick Brittingham and Beth Guy S. I need you two to update your email addresses or check to make sure they are correct on your profile page, because the New Year email I sent came back with an undeliverable address. Thanks for your help in advance. I don't want either of you to miss any info that I send out.
Becki Shirey

02/16/10 02:46 PM #16    


Rebecca (Becki) Anne Jones (Shirey)

Hi everyone!!
Yes, we are back from our trip to Montana to find our second home/home to retire to in a couple years!!!! It is on a ranch called Lonesome Dove (yes, just like the movie, even has the log entrance with Lonesome Dove and the brand on it!) We found a 3 bedroom ranch on 20 acres. We are in the process of waiting on the loan and etc. We go to closing on March 1, back to Montana if all goes right. YEAH!!!!!! We will keep you all posted when it all goes through. What a long process. They certainly don't make buying a house easy now days! Talk to you all soon. Please keep our message forum going all of you:)

Becki & Craig

04/13/10 12:31 PM #17    


Rebecca (Becki) Anne Jones (Shirey)

Letting you all know, Charlie Everett's brother Danny died on April 8 at the Heartland Hospice House in Wilmington. I will be sending a donation from our class to the Heartland Hospice House in Danny's name, to show Charlie we are thinking about him.

05/13/10 01:25 PM #18    


Rebecca (Becki) Anne Jones (Shirey)

Hi all!

Craig and I bought our dream home in Montana!  I am in Montana right now, doing some major nesting and making the house our own.  It has snowed 4 times since I arrived at the end of April.  I am going to try to stay the summer, since out here they don't have the heat and humidity!!  Craig's coming out in June for awhile to do some major flyfishing.  The mountains around our home still have snow on the tops.  The weather here today is nice, big blue sky and supposed to get up to 64 degrees.  Supposed to hit the mid 70's this weekend.  That will be the warmest it has been so far this season.  I have my dog here with me to keep me company and my sister arrives this weekend for a visit.  Just keeping everyone up on what Craig and I are up to.  How about you guys letting everyone know what's up with your lives?  We need to keep everyone using the website, since we are paying a yearly rate for it:)  Talk to you all soon......Bec

07/12/10 03:09 PM #19    


Rebecca (Becki) Anne Jones (Shirey)

Has anyone heard any info about Donna Davis passing away this Spring?  Jay Lazzeri sent me a note that she had passed away this spring, but no other information.  If anyone knows any information about Donna Davis, could you please let me know so I can post the information on our webpage if it is correct.

01/30/11 12:47 PM #20    


Rebecca (Becki) Anne Jones (Shirey)

So do I have anymore classmates who are willing to help David Burritt plan our 45th Reunion?  I would like you to let me know, so I can get a headcount for our meeting at the Smyrna Diner sometime in February, 2011!!


07/14/11 09:24 PM #21    


Rebecca (Becki) Anne Jones (Shirey)

Hi all!

If you would like to post a tribute to Walt on our message forum, please do so!  He will truly be missed by his classmates, family and friends.


07/15/11 02:43 PM #22    


John Brooks Greenwell

I find myself gritting my teeth today, and wishing for a round of touch football on the lawn at Belmont Hall. Seems a very long way away now.....Gonna miss you Walt. Thank you for the friendship,and for just being a stand up guy all around. RIP and Godspeed. We will meet again my brother.


07/15/11 09:41 PM #23    


Karen Lynn Parsell (Price)

My mind the last couple of days has been laced with flashbacks of Walt walking down the hallway wearing his "letterman's sweater"(he wore it alot)!  I liked "letterman's" sweaters.

I remember Walt sitting in Mr. Everett's POD class spinning his pencil between his fingers(I used to watch him when he was speaking and he kept spinning the pencil while he talked).

I remember in the summer when it was hot in class, he used to push his glasses up alot and then when he was done with his pencil he put it between his teeth until he got his books together.  Isn't it funny how those memories of Walt were etched in my now "mature mind"?

You just never know Johnny, you might be playing "touch football" with Walt wearing that letterman's sweater.  Stranger things have been known to happen...Walt will be fine until we all get there!

07/17/11 08:24 PM #24    

James Everett Turner III


Walter Willoughby Speakman Jr., age 60, passed away on July 13, 2011, at home surrounded by his family after a long battle with a neurological disorder, cortical basal degeneration. He will be remembered as a man who loved his family, as a caring and loyal friend, as a fair and honest attorney, and as an avid duck hunter. He enjoyed sports, especially watching the Eagles and the Phillies and he had a wonderful sense of humor. Walt was born on March 6, 1951, in Wilmington, to Walter and Virginia Speakman. He graduated from John Bassett Moore High School (Smyrna High) in 1969, American University in 1973 with a BA in Political Science and from Delaware Law School in 1978. He practiced law in Dover, first as a prosecutor ( Deputy Attorney General) and then in private practice specializing in family and municipal law and served as the City of Rehoboth's attorney for a number of years. Walt is survived by his wife, Karen Bierstedt Speakman; his two children, Calli and Will Speakman; his parents, Walter and Virginia (Walls) Speakman; his two sisters, Missy Vaughn and her husband James T. Vaughn Jr., and Amy Speakman. In addition, he is survived by his mother-in-law, Phyllis F. Bierstedt, sisters-in-law, Jane Bierstedt, Rebecca B. Chase and her husband, Tim Chase. He is also survived by five nieces and nephews, his many cousins, and countless friends. There will be a memorial service at Christ Episcopal Church, South State and Water Street, Dover, at 11 a.m., Saturday, July 23. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions/donations be provided to Christ Church's outreach committee, or to (worldwide education and awareness for neurological movement disorders.) Letters of condolence may be sent, and guestbook signed at

Rest in Peace My Friend....

03/13/12 08:22 PM #25    

Wayne Davis

13-Mar-12  Wayne Davis

Wow, I see we now have lost 14 classmates, what a bummer.  Yes, we all are going to die someday, the longer some of us live the more we will see die.  I have wonderful high school memories of them all, but with Donald Stump and Ronnie Garrett, we go way back to Little League baseball, then Ronnie and a few others still hung out alot together after high school.  My life luckily is going really well now and I'm trully Thankfull for that.  Our Little League days, High School Days and the days that followed were such a special time for most all of us.  People often ask where home is, I say its Smyrna, they say I thought you lived in Dover, I say yes I do live in Dover, but "MY HOME" has been and always will be Smyrna.  Smyrna was the best place in the world to live during the 50's, 60's and most of the 70's.  Hope and pray everyone from our Class of 69 are doing well.  Sure Dave will soon be calling people to help out with the 45th Reunion in 2014.  For those of you who did not go to the last reunion, The Reactions gave us a VERY SPECIAL night of music.............PRICELESS!!!!!!  Do hope they can all make it to the 45th.

Everyone please take care, be safe and God Bless.

Wayne Davis



06/16/12 07:20 PM #26    


Rebecca (Becki) Anne Jones (Shirey)

Thanks Cheryl,  for the post on the passing of Vera Lowman Bradford.  When you find out more, please let Dave Burritt know so something can be sent from our Class Memorial Fund to whatever charity they list in the obit.  If you get a copy of an obituary from the paper, could you send it out to me and I will post it on our website.


10/13/14 04:16 PM #27    

Donald Leigh Challenger

I'm sure the other folks in the Reactions will be checking in with their thoughts once everyone gets home and catches a breath, and I think there may be some YouTube footage showing up as well. But I wanted to respond to David's note to the class today (Monday, Oct. 13) by thanking everyone on the committee for all their efforts.

There are always a zillion moving parts to a project like this -- most of them far out of sight -- and we're especially grateful to all of you for working and cooperating so closely with the band in order to make the music happen.
As for having the opportunity to play music again for old friends and classmates, well, there is nothing quite like it. It was a labor of love back in the '60s, and it still is. If anything, the passage of time and the memory of those who are no longer with us make it an even richer experience -- even if we do have to breathe a little harder now between songs.
We also owe an incredible debt of gratitude to Jim Cantillon, who worked throughout Saturday to set up the sound system at the Opera House and then rode the sound board all night, for his remarkable talent and enthusiasm; and to Glynis Sampere and Lin Doughten, who joined us Friday night for an "unplugged" evening and knocked us all out. We were afraid to let them anywhere near the stage Saturday night.
Thanks most of all to those classmates in attendance who danced, partied, listened, visited with us, and made us feel welcome from the first note to the last. As the late, great Jackie Wilson said ...
Donnie Challenger
(Thanks to Glynis and Anthony for the video footage!)

10/16/14 09:41 AM #28    


John Brooks Greenwell

Well....we did it again, and in fine fashion I might add. Two nights of reminiscing, great food, libation, and a bit of music I might add.

     Thanks to all the hands, legs, arms, and brains that contributed mightily to both nights. Hard work and great planning were evident throughout the entire event and all should be highly commended. Special thanks to the point persons, Becky, Karen, Craig, Wayne and Dave. Good fingerprints everywhere. Thanks to all the amazing staff members at both the Fire House, and the SOH. Proof positive that small towns excel in quality people power.

     It was great to have Jim Cantillon on board and at the controls with us at the SOH, and he made it happen in exemplary fashion. I can say from years of experience that he is still one of the best in the business, and that job description can make or break the nights' entertainment in a heartbeat. Hats off Jimmy me boy and many, many thanks.

     The musical fit was magical from start to finish. So many songs to pick from and so little time. A truly captive audience was a plus as well. A tip o' the glass to Donnie, Charlie, and Anthony for spending the time, working the kinks out, and setting the table to make it so much easier for Wayne and I.

     When attempting to plan the perfect evening, Saturday night provided the template.

Performing with my oldest and best personal and musical friends.............for the rest of my oldest and best personal friends.....back in the town my father loved so much.

 Thanks to everyone. It is an experience I will never forget.



12/31/14 07:22 AM #29    

Cheryl Lynn Clampitt (Depew)

Ismiley want to wish all my fellow classmates a very Happy New Year!  May this year be filled with the best love, lots of luck, and much laughter!  May God bless and keep you all in good health,wealth and merriment!

11/10/16 12:51 PM #30    

Darryl Marker

UD Messenger listed our band teacher, Rodney Daniels, obituary in last issue. BA56, MA67. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for being patient with our noise, maybe?

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