Details and Payment


In the near future we will have a new Donations page called Donation Manager that will be set up using only Paypal for your payments.  You will still be able to write a check and/or use a personal credit card.  Hopefully, this won't make a difference to all of you when it comes time to donate to our Class website and our Memorial Fund..  Right now everything will remain the same for your donations until David Burritt and I work this out.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


I will be keeping this link open so everyone can donate to keep our website up and running.   Any donations would be kindly accepted for our website and the memorial fund.  You can pay online at the bottom of this page or send David Burritt a check made out to:  David Burritt  566 Hickory Ridge Road  Smyrna, DE.  19977.  Remember now is the time to make your donations for the website. Thank you in advance for your donation.

This page will also be open to accept donations to our Memorial Fund for our deceased classmates.  The payments for donations for the Memorial Fund are in increments of $10, just hit the quantity button for how many you want and then click the Add to cart button and go from there.  This is if you are paying online.  This is a secure sight for payments.

45th Reunion 2014 at the Operal House Smyrna, DE. (Saturday October 11 2014)

$50 per person for the Opera House Event.
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Reunion Ticket $50.00
Website Donation $30.00
Classmate Memorial Fund $20.00